Dreams and desires are wonderful ! Especially when they come true. But let's not obsess : whether it is a new car, extended vacation, new furniture or a new wardrobe, for most desires, it takes money. If you want to make your dreams and desires come true, you can do it through a loan. To do this, there are so-called interest rate or consumer credits. Other names are partial loans or consumer loans.

Conditions and procedure

If you wish to benefit from an installment loan or a consumer loan, you must have regulated income. In addition, you must be able to make the payments due. As an independent loan intermediary, we will be happy to review these conditions for you – free of charge and without obligation. If an installment loan is possible, we also take care of obtaining suitable offers. To do this, we can use a network of more than 30 banks in this area. From this portfolio, we identify you the appropriate offer with the most advantageous interest rates. Maturities are generally shorter than for home loans, for example, and are between 12 and 120 month.