Recommend us to sell or finance real estate to us and you will receive a commission for it up to € 1,000!


You know someone in your family, your friend or acquaintance who wants to give up his house, his apartment or property ?
Or looking for suitable financing for the purchase of a house ?
Or wants to build his fortune with property as an investment ?
Ensuite, with this advice, you come to us in good time and receive cash up to € 1,000 for your advice in case of success.
Our advice: Always keep ears with your friends, acquaintances and parents. Because sooner or later, everyone is looking at funding, the property, moving or insurance !

How should I present myself to a pipe

It is best to call our office directly or send us an email and we will get back to you in due course..

When do we get our commission ?

After the object has been successfully transmitted, you will receive your commission from us !

Do I also get a commission on the property as an investment ?

Of course, if you succeed, you will receive cash !

Can we also give advice on financing ?

Of course, in addition to the property, you can also provide funding !